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Monday, December 14, 2015

Open Borders parties win French elections

Marion Le Pen was defeated by open borders "Conservatives"

An Open Borders Socialist-Conservative Alliance

  • Open borders "Conservatives" and open borders Socialists joined forces in France to defeat the National Front.
  • Sounds familiar. In the U.S. we have seen open borders Establishment Republicans openly talk of backing Hillary if Trump gets the nomination. That shows you there is only one party in Congress: a party of Big Government, endless immigration and lower wages.

(CNN)  -  France's far-right National Front Party was pushing to win control of a region for the first time as voters headed to the polls Sunday.
(Editor's Translation  -  The Controlled Media Machine always calls Conservatives who want to control the border "far right".)
But early results from the second round of regional elections showed the party hadn't yet managed to shift the balance of power.
    National Front leader Marine Le Pen had garnered just 45.43% of votes in Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, according to official results from the Interior Ministry. Xavier Bertrand, candidate of the mainstream center-to-right alliance, has won 54.57% of the votes. Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie borders Belgium and the English Channel.
    In the southern Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Le Pen's niece, Marion Marechal-Le Pen, is also trailing her rival, Christian Estrosi. According to official results, Marechal-Le Pen has garnered 48.85% of votes and Estrosi has won 51.15%.
    The anti-immigration National Front sent shock waves through France's political establishment when it emerged as the leader after the first round of voting last weekend, capitalizing on security concerns in the wake of last month's deadly Paris terror attacks.
    Le Pen seemed unfazed by the second round results, vowing that her party's fight for France was just beginning and that she'd be back on the ballot in the 2017 presidential elections.
    "Nothing will be able to stop us," she said on Twitter.
    There were 13 Regional Presidencies at stake in continental France and Corsica. Though they do not have legislative autonomy, these territorial collectivities manage sizable budgets. Moreover, regional elections are often taken as a mid-term opinion poll.
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    Soclialists withdrew, backed "Conservatives" to block National Front victory

    In the first round of voting, the National Front led in six of France's 13 regions, edging former President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative Les Republicains party into second place nationally. President Francois Hollande's ruling Socialist party came third.
    Parties that got more than 10% of the vote were eligible to participate in the second round of voting.
    Newspapers across the political spectrum reacted with shock to the National Front's strong showing in the first round, which Le Pen said indicated that the National Front was now "the first party of France."
    In a bid to keep the National Front from gaining power, the Socialists withdrew candidates who were trailing in key regions to avoid splitting the anti-National Front vote. They urged their supporters in those seats to give their votes to Les Republicains instead.
    It was a successful strategy, CNN contributor Stefan de Vries said.
    "The government appealed to the left-wing voters to vote for a right-wing candidate in order to basically ... make it impossible for Marine Le Pen to win any region. And it seems that their strategy has worked," he said.
    But that doesn't mean the regional elections weren't a victory for Le Pen, he said, whose party has traditionally been seen as outside the political mainstream.
    "Her results this week show that she has a huge springboard for the 2017 elections," de Vries said. "She can continue her strategy to tell the French people, 'I am the victim. You are being taken hostage by the elitist traditional parties.' ... The French National Front is now really part of the French political system, which was, until recently, a bipartisan system just like in the United States."
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    Welcome to "Open Borders" France
    Both Socialists and "Conservatives" have locked arms to keep borders wide open and import an endless stream of Muslims.

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