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Friday, December 4, 2015

The San Bernardino Islamist Massacre

The Religion of Peace™

By Gary;

I thought waiting 24 hours after the San Bernardino Massacre to let the facts settle out out would be wise.

But things are far worse than I could have ever dreamed.

Most of the TV talking heads managed to broadcast entire reports without even using the words Muslim or Islam. But the reporters had no problem at all saying over and over it might be workplace violence.

Dear Leader Hussein Obama took a break from his pretend war against ISIS to tell us he did not know if this was terrorism, and by the way, the borders will stay open.

The bipartisan deliberate importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslims is fully funded by the pro-open borders GOP Congress.

Some 680,000 Muslims have been imported in the last five years.  If only 25% of these people are "deeply religious" then you have imported at least 170,000 people sympathetic to Jihad.

The Democrats could care less and the Republicans can't manage to talk in coherent sentences. I guess only a "crazy" Blogger like me could see any problem with this.

Closing the borders.  It will not happen.

So basically we are fucked. No one cares. Kick your feet up and enjoy the ride to Hell.

A Kenyan soldier enters the Westgate Mall after the Islamist butchers attacked.
See our article:
Kenya mall massacre “was 100 percent justified” says Muslim cleric

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