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Monday, December 28, 2015

Samuel L. Jackson admits he hoped terrorists were “Crazy white dude and not some Muslims”

Score some points for Jackson
We all are biased. So bravo to Jackson for 
admitting what he was thinking.

Samuel L. Jackson interview on recent violence:

He hastens to add, “Now, not every cop in the world is guilty of that — there’s good cops and there’s bad cops; there’s guys who, you know, misuse their authority, and there are guys who watch ’em do it who want to do something but they can’t because they’ve gotta be part of that blue wall. And until we get somebody policing from the inside out, those things that happen from outside to us are gonna continue to happen. There’s nothing we can do about it, even if they’re wearing body-cams and we can see ’em. That’s why every day you can look online and see somebody else getting shot, you can see somebody else getting killed — not just black people.”
Jackson says he empathizes with innocent Muslim-Americans who have fallen under the veil of suspicion because a few other people who share their religion have committed atrocities against their countrymen: “When that thing happened in France, we were sitting there going, ‘Oh, my God, these terrorists!’ And I can’t even tell you how much that day the thing that happened in San Bernardino — I was in Hawaii — how much I really wanted that to just be another, you know, crazy white dude, and not really some Muslims, because it’s like: ‘Oh, shit. It’s here. And it’s here in another kind of way.’ Now, okay, it happened on an Army base and it happened somewhere else. But now? It’s like they have a legitimate reason now to look at your Muslim neighbor, friend, afrwhatever in another way. And they become the new young black men.”
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