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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Muslims recruit openly for ISIS on train

An Open Borders Germany

  • The corrupt open borders Elites keep importing millions of Muslims. What could possibly go wrong?

(Jihad Watch)  -  This is the present-day reality Merkel and her cohorts have made for Germany, and Europe in general. The future will show incidents such as this one to have been just the beginning.

“Muslim Gang Chanted Islamic State War Song, Handed Recruiting Leaflets On Train,” by Oliver Lane, Breitbart, (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
A group of seven men sang a war-chant favoured by the Islamic State and tried to recruit fellow passengers while riding on the Berlin U-Bahn railway.
Berlin police are investigating after a large group of suspected radical Islamists rode the underground train while prostelysing [sic] for the Islamic State late on Thursday night. Eye witnesses said they sang an Islamic song, spoke in Arabic and handed out leaflets about the Islamic State.
Engaging other passengers in Arabic between stops in the historic centre of the city, one witness said the men were obviously “advertising” for the Islamic State, reports Focus.
Police are now reviewing security footage. A police spokesman said the force has determined the show was in support of a terrorist organisation.
The song was a so-called ‘Jihad Nashid’, a call to war sung in chant which is compatible with the strict orthodox Muslim rules forbidding music. In the Islamic State music is banned, but singing unaccompanied is allowed, a situation which over the course of Islamic history has given a rise to polyphonic chant not unlike some early European religious music.
There are a number of radical Islamists presently at liberty in Germany that the government is aware of. There are at least 670 Salafist Muslims in Berlin alone — a radical sect that wishes to impose conservative Islamic values on the world. The German government understands over half of these are violent individuals and many are allied to the Islamic State.
While many Islamists go free, the German government this week also took steps to curtail some freedom for religious fanatics. Police closed a radical mosque in Baden-Württemberg which had raised money for the Islamic State and had been a place of prayer for a fifth of all known German Jihadists who travelled to the Islamic State to fight.
The Islamic Educational and Cultural Center Mesdschid Sahabe had been visited by radical Salafist preachers and while property was seized by the state it is presently unclear whether any arrests have been made.
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Open Borders Conservatives
Both European Conservatives and Leftists have decided that Western Civilization must be exterminated through the birth control and abortion of the native population and the deliberate importation of a replacement Muslim population.

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