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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Liar Sununu trashes Trump, says GOP will lose all

No new taxes liars of a feather flock together
Sununu and Bush

From the Lying Sack of Shit Dept.

  • John Sununu is a great bullshitter. That is why he is on the payroll of Fox News as a "conservative" commentator.
  • Sununu, Chief of Staff to the "no new taxes" liar George HW Bush, trashes Trump but what does he offer?  Sununu wants the Elites to give us more of the same: more lies, more debt, bigger government, endless wars and wide open borders.

(Breitbart News)  -  Monday on NewsmaxTV’s  “The Steve Malzberg Show,” former White House chief of staff to President George H. W. Bush and former Gov. John H. Sununu (R-NH) said if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the nomination Republicans will get swept in national elections in 2016.
Sununu said, “I assume that even the Trump supporters want this country to move in a different direction. If Trump is the nominee, we lose — as Republicans we lose the Senate, we lose most of the House and we lose the presidency. It is nice to go for somebody that has hot rhetoric that makes you feel good, but this is somebody that has turned off 80 percentof America. He may have the support of 25 percent of Republicans which is about 12 percent of America. But 80 percent of America really does not like this man.”
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Fuck the GOP Elites
It is all lies and bullshit from the Elites: No new taxes, we want small
government, we will "secure" the borders, there are WMDs in Iraq, we will
fight Obama's policies, we need to bomb Syria.
The lies go on and on.

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