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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Swedish Muslims chant “slaughter the Jews”

Wrap your mind around "Swedish Muslims"

  • But the open borders political hacks tell us we have nothing to worry about.  Just keep importing more Muslims. What could possibly go wrong?

(Jihad Watch)  -  “Slaughter the Jews”: naked, open genocidal bloodlust. And still Obama will blame Israel, and pressure it to make more concessions to the “Palestinian” jihadis.

“Protesters in Malmo chant ‘slaughter the Jews,’” JTA, October 20, 2015:
Hundreds of protesters in the Swedish city of Malmo were filmed chanting in Arabic about slaughtering Jews and stabbing soldiers.
Pro-Palestinian groups organized a rally Monday in the city center against what they consider Israeli violence and to show solidarity with Palestinians amid deadly measures taken by Israeli authorities to stop the recent spate of attacks on Jews in Israel and the West Bank.
Isaac Bachman, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, posted on his Facebook account a video taken at the rally showing hundreds chanting “’slaughter the Jews, stab soldiers.” In other slogans, the chanters encouraged “heroes to carry out attack after attack” and to “start a third intifada.”
“These are extremely troubling instances of a grotesque but nevertheless very real – and murderous – incitement which must be dealt with by the full force of the law,” Bachman wrote.
His wife, Osnat, wrote about the video: “Swedish people: Is this what you believe in? Is this what you bargained for? Are these your morals? Since I know the answers I feel ashamed in your name.”
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