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Monday, October 19, 2015

Illegal alien Muslims puts Slovenia army on alert

Border fences work. Who would 
have thought it possible?

(London Telegraph)  -  Slovenia placed its army on alert on Saturday as hundreds of migrants reached its border, diverted overnight by the closure of Hungary's 220-mile border with Croatia.
A fence designed to seal off Hungary’s entire southern frontier is almost complete, forcing the migrants to alter their route. Instead of heading north and trying to enter the Schengen area via Hungary, tens of thousands of new arrivals in Croatia are now heading westwards.
Their plan is to enter Slovenia and then cross into Austria, before heading onwards to Germany. They have been spurred on by Angela Merkel's offer to accept as many as 800,000 people this year.
Having sealed off its 100-mile border with Serbia, Hungary has now achieved the same with regard to Croatia. A razor wire fence now stretches for over 300 miles along the country’s frontier with these two neighbours.
Mr Szijjarto said he expects the number of refugees to “slow to a trickle”after shutting the crossing.
He said that EU leaders meeting in Brussels had failed to decide on a common force to safeguard Greece’s borders and that Hungary had to protect the external frontiers of the passport-free Schengen zone.
"We know that this is not the best, but only the second-best solution," Mr Szijjarto said.
The Hungarian government announced on Saturday that checks would also be introduced along the 60-mile border with a third neighbour, Slovenia.
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An endless horde of illegal alien Muslims wait to enter a temporary center on the border between Serbia and Macedonia near the village Miratovac. (AFP: Sasa Djordjevi)

Map - Daily Mail

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