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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Russia’s new ray gun blinds enemies in Syria

Target Practice on Islamists

  • How does this work again? The CIA arms Islamists and the Russians bomb Islamists. But we are told the Russians are "evil" and "aggressive" because they bomb Islamists. Am I missing something?

(Value Walk)  -  Russia has just unveiled its cutting-edge weapon that emits light so powerful it can literally blind enemies. The new weapon is expected to be used in Russia’s ongoing military operation against ISIS militants in Syria.

The new dazzling weapon, a ‘visual optical jammer’ called Grach, was unveiled at a military expo in Russia last week.
It was earlier reported that the Russian Navy is poised to conduct military tests with a new prototype of the ray gun on the frigate Admiral Gorshkov as well as other vessels.
“It [the new ray gun prototype] can save lives and hardware and causes a strong psychological effect on the enemy,” deputy director of device creator OPK Sergey Skokov said, as quoted by The Sunday Express.

Putin defends Russia's air strikes - BBC News

Skokov added that the new weapon will be used only against terrorists such as ISIS as well as pirates, and will not be limited to only the Russian military, which means the Kremlin plans exporting this weapon.
“Not only foreign navies, but also border guards and law enforcement agencies fighting against piracy on the seas may find it useful,” Skokov said.
The ray gun features four projectors, with the capacity to be controlled remotely. It is expected to be attached to defense vehicles such as hovercrafts, amphibious vehicles and hydrofoils in order to provide allied troops with cover by blinding enemies with strong light.

Russia uses Syrian conflict to test its weapons in the battlefield

Russian defense ministry recently reported that the Russian military campaign in Syria has destroyed a total of 71 armored vehicles, 30 other types of vehicles, 19 command facilities, 2 communications facilities, 23 depots with fuel and supplies, 6 plants manufacturing car bombs as well as several artillery units and training camps.
Russia’s military campaign in Syria thus presents a unique opportunity for the Russian military to test the effectiveness of its new weapons and see how they operate in the battlefield.
Russia has not had an opportunity to test its weapons in actual combat zones ever since the war in Afghanistan, while the U.S. and its Western allies have tested many of its tactics and weaponry in such military confrontations as Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo.
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Syria War 2015
Intense Insane Urban Clashes in Battle for Aleppo

Subterranean battle in Damascus- BBC News

While American politicians from both parties gut our military they love to trash the Russian military as somehow "inferior".  I suspect that our worthless political hacks have never been on the receiving end of a Russian attack.

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