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Friday, October 23, 2015

Next Week's Fraudulent GOP Debate

Bullshit Alert!
The coming GOP debate has been rigged by 
CNBC to be an anti-Trump event 

By Gary;

The GOP "debates" are all about ratings and putting as many candidates on the stage as possible who will gut front runner Donald Trump.

CNBC had previously announced that it would take a minimum 3% average in the major polls to be on the stage.  I blogged at that time that a number of candidates were so weak that they were in danger of being cut.

Once again I have been proved right.

The poll numbers for Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Rand Paul fell below the 3% cut off.  These three have so little support that CNBC rounded up their poll numbers to 3% so there would be more anti-Trump candidates appearing on stage.

This bullshit makes the debate a fraud in my mind.  This is a CNBC created pile-on to try and crush The Donald and protect the unwritten open borders policy of the GOP Elites.

As for the "undercard debate" it's still on before the main event at 8 p.m., Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham will face off at 6 p.m.  But one has to ask why?  These people are pathetic losers with no support. They just want to hear themselves talk.

I am 100% Trump so the debate has no meaning to me.  I may tune in, but I probably will channel surf over to NCIS reruns.

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CNBC Goes Full Anti-Trump
The network is packing the stage with anti-Trump candidates who
have near zero support from the Republican base.


Brian said...

Really? Another elite ego maniac who has absolutely nothing in common with 99 percent of us? That's your best guy?
Oh gawd.

Gary said...

***** absolutely nothing in common with 99 percent of us? *****

I am not a Marxist so the fact the The Donald is a rich capitalist is fine with me.

Unlike the rest of the GOP field we see Trump standing with the average Joe on:

--- Closing the border
--- Ending "free trade" agreements that ship millions of middle class jobs to Asia and Mexico.
--- Not being a warmonger and having the U.S. involved in eternal wars all over the planet.

I stand with The Donald.