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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ventura rooting for total destruction of GOP, Democratic parties

I'm on Board Jesse

  • Even if The Donald wins the White House we will still have a Congress made up of two corrupt big government loving political parties that are bought and paid for by Wall Street.
  • The people need to demand election reform in the House of Representatives to break the cycle of corruption and return control of elections to the voters.

(Chicago Sun Times)  -  Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura — the man who is willing to be Bernie Sanders’ or Donald Trump’s running mate — is openly rooting for those two candidates to unleash their fury and destroy their own parties in a blaze of glory.

In a Tuesday night interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Ventura says it’s clear that people no longer trust the career politicians because “they’ve screwed it up so bad.”

“I love listening to you talk to the talking heads about how Donald Trump could be the destruction of the whole Republican party,” Ventura said. “I throw my hands up into the air and cheer. I hope it happens.”

He goes on to say he has similar hopes for Sanders.

“I hope Bernie Sanders is the destruction of the Democratic party,” Ventura said. “It’s time to break up the two-party dictatorship.”

Ventura has previously praised both candidates and compared them to his 1998 campaign for governor, saying he sees “great parallels to my campaign in Minnesota where the media attacks you at every direction but yet the people stand and support you.”

In his push for a place on either man’s presidential ticket, Ventura has said it would be a surefire way for them to grab the independent vote.

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Jesse Ventura on Donald Trump: 'I love it'

Warning to American Readers

American readers please do not be frightened by the election results below.  In the rest of the world it is called a free multi-party election where voters have real and meaningful choices.  
But in the United States you are called "crazy" by the corrupt Elites for daring to think that someone other than a Democrat or Republican might get your vote.
Maybe we should adopt free elections in America.

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