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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Geert Wilders unveils Australian Anti-Islam Party

Geert Wilders with ALA Senate candidates Kirralie Smith
and Bernard Gaynor.
 Source: News Corp Australia

Taking on Open Borders Politicians

  • On a Side Note  -  With GOP in full control of both houses of Congress our borders are still wide open to massive legal and illegal immigration.

(The Australian)  -  Dutch MP Geert Wilders was almost completely shouted down by angry protesters at a chaotic press conference in Perth tonight as he attempted to launch a party dedicated to preventing the spread of Islam.
An anti-halal campaigner and a former candidate of the one time Katter’s Australia Party were unveiled as the new party’s first Senate candidates.
Kirralie Smith, an anti-halal campaigner, will stand for the Senate in NSW while Bernard Gaynor, who was dumped by the KAP for anti-gay comments, will run in Queensland.
Debbie Robinson, ALA president and leader of the Q society, an anti-Islam group which funded Mr Wilders’ trip to Australia, will run in WA.
Leftists are Idiots
Loon leftists protesting Wilders can't quite grasp that Islam
is not a race but a violent anti-freedom ideology.

The policies they’ll push include removing Australia from the UN charter of refugees and banning full face coverings in public.
Mr Wilders told reporters at the launch, which was held next to the WA parliament, that the ALA wanted “Australia to stay Australian” and stood for “not giving in to multiculturalism”.
He warned the migrant crisis in Europe could be replicated in Australia and claimed many of the asylum seekers flooding Europe were “not refugees at all” and suggested they seek safe haven in the more stable Arab nations like the UAE, Jordan and Oman.
“What about Saudi Arabia and all of those rich Gulf states?” he said.
“There are only a few hundred refugees that they are taking in. I mean, it’s their people, it’s their religion, it’s their culture.
“And the reason that they are not taking them is most of the people want to come to Europe, not really to be safe but to enjoy our big fat welfare state.
“You should deal with it in a straightforward way and you should be a sovereign country and close your borders to these kind of immigrants.”
Mr Wilders said he’d warned the new party, which also has the president of an anti-Islam group as a candidate, that they would be met by more protesters calling them extremists or bigots.
“I know it will be hard. A lot of people will protest,” he said. “It’s all worth it because we have truth on our side.
“I’m sure that many Australians will find hope in this new party.”
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