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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Fear the Walking Dead" beat many network programs

The Season Finale

As the ultimate zombie fan I felt AMC's Fear the Walking Dead was a bit slow to develop.  That was to be expected since they were starting from day one of the Zombie Apocalypse.  But to me the bulk of the acting was below what we fans have come to expect as standard in the original series.

You can't blame the new series.  The original Walking Dead is a staggeringly well done classic of science fiction.

The Dead season finale ratings (below) were at the top of the charts with the Dead winning the night over assorted "major" network prime time programs on CBS, FOX and ABC.

My Series Rating: 7 out of 10

Sunday Cable TV Ratings
ShowNetTimeViewership (000s, Live+SD)Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
FEAR THE WALKING DEAD-10/04/2015AMC9:00 PM6.8613.4
TALKING DEAD SPECIAL-10/04/2015AMC10:11 PM2.3841.2
RICK & MORTY-10/04/2015ADSM11:30 PM1.8391.0
FAMILY GUY-10/04/2015ADSM11:00 PM1.9240.9
FAMILY GUY-10/04/2015ADSM10:30 PM1.8330.8
BASKETBALL WIVES LA 4-10/04/2015VH19:00 PM1.4940.8
KEEPING UP KARDASHIANS-10/04/2015ENT8:00 PM1.6080.8
FEAR THE WALKING DEAD-10/04/2015AMC7:57 PM1.7950.8
ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER-10/04/2015DISC9:00 PM3.2190.7
AMERICAN DAD-10/04/2015ADSM10:00 PM1.6600.7
HALLOWEEN WARS 5-10/04/2015FOOD9:00 PM1.8330.7
NASCAR SPRINT CUP RACE L-10/04/2015NBCSN2:54 PM3.2390.6
AQUA TEEN HUNGER FOREVER-10/04/2015ADSM12:00 AM1.1800.6
CUTTHROAT KITCHEN-10/04/2015FOOD10:00 PM1.3430.6
NAKED AND AFRAID-10/04/2015DISC10:00 PM1.8030.6
HOMELAND S5-10/04/2015SHO19:04 PM1.6630.6
STRAIN-10/04/2015FX10:00 PM1.1710.5

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