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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WAR - It's Trump, Huckabee, Sanders vs Obama & the GOP Congress

Obamatrade - Anything But Free Markets
  • Is it "free" trade when the foreign factory workers you are competing against make 48 cents an hour and forming unions is against the law?  
  • But the whore open borders Republicans and Democrats dropped their pants, bent over for Wall Street and rammed through a top secret trade bill that no one was allowed to read.
  • Now Obamatrade is back after having been passed by the GOP Congress.

The bought and paid for Establishment candidates in both parties are selling out the American people on the orders of their Masters on Wall Street.

Donald Trump

“The only entities to benefit from this trade deal will be other countries, particularly China and Japan, and big corporations in America,” Trump tells Breitbart News.
The small business operators, farmers, manufacturers and others will again be burdened with unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, exploitation of cheap labor, an onerous tax code and no help coming from the very people charged with putting America first. If crony capitalism were not bad enough, then sticking it to unions, small businesses and everyday Americans seems to be the new blood sport inside the DC Beltway.
Trump said that the lack of transparency throughout the secret negotiations should prove that the deal is horrendous.
“If this was such a good deal, why was there not more transparency?” Trump said.
Why are we striking trade agreements with countries we already have agreements with? Why is there no effort to make sure we have fair trade instead of ‘free’ trade that isn’t free to Americans? Why do we not have accompanying legislation that will punish countries that manipulate their currencies to seek unfair advantage in trade arrangements? Why has the Congress not addressed prohibitive corporate tax rates and trade agreements that continue to drain dollars and jobs from America’s shores?
Trump concluded by saying now is the time for real leaders like him to stand up for Americans in Washington against these special interests.  (More)

Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) labeled a new trade deal finalized by the Obama administration on Monday as “disastrous,” and said he would work to defeat it.
Sanders, the Vermont senator leading Hillary Clinton in polls of the early-voting state New Hampshire, said the Trans-Pacific Partnership will lead to the loss of U.S. jobs, adding he was “disappointed but not surprised” by the decision to complete it.
“Wall Street and other big corporations have won again,” Sanders said. 
“It is time for the rest of us to stop letting multinational corporations rig the system to pad their profits at our expense.”
Sanders says the agreement follows other trade deals with “Mexico, China and other low-wage countries that have cost millions of jobs and shuttered tens of thousands of factories across the United States.”  (More)

Mike Huckabee

Gov. Mike Huckabee slammed President Barack Obama’s new campaign to win Hill approval for a Pacific-wide free-trade treaty with 11 other countries.
“Once again, American workers are getting punched in the gut by Washington because this deal is a handout to insiders, interest groups, Obama’s allies and Asia,” said Huckabee, a GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor, shortly after the president announced the completed deal Oct. 5.
“When it comes to negotiating with foreign countries, the Obama Administration gets rolled like sushi, and this TPP deal is more of the same,” Huckabee warned. “I can’t understand why American workers would trust Obama on a trade deal that affects 40 percent of the world’s economy.”
“President Obama can’t be trusted to negotiate a camper off Craigslist, let alone a trade deal with eleven other Asian countries,” Huckabee continued.  (More)

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