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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Caring less about the GOP debate

The two winners

The NCIS re-runs were great
Too many candidates on stage and too much hot air

By Gary;

Is it just me?  Maybe I have overdosed on politics. The latest GOP "debate" was largely boring to me with endless regurgitation of tax plans and statistics and meaningless slogans.

I am a political junkie and even I couldn't take it any more. So when the lesser candidates came on I channel surfed over to NCIS re-runs and even Star Trek on BBC America.

An added factor in dragging down the debate is the endless chatter from candidates with near zero support in the polls.

For example, I like Rand Paul but his campaign is dead. No one cares Rand, and I don't want to hear from you.  Hang it up and run for re-election to the Senate.  The same would apply to several other candidates.  They are taking up space and air time that real candidates would be using.

I will give Ted Cruz points for ripping a new a-hole for the leftists at CNBC.  The channel's mean spirited questions might have been written by the staff at the Democrat National Committee.  But I blame the GOP for that.  The Republicans always turn over their debates to the enemies of their party.  Stupid.

The Debate 

  • Even though loser candidates took up too much time, the real candidates Trump and Carson did well with what little air time they got. I view those two as the winners.
  • Huckabee is a good guy.  I like him.  
  • Rubio is nimble but comes across as a bit of a weasel to me.  
  • Cruz has proven he is an unprincipled opportunist on recent issues like Obamatrade.
  • Bush is a loser like his brother. Screw him.
  • The rest of the pack are not worth even thinking about.

This is way too large a group of candidates and needs to thinned out either through natural selection (them dropping out) or raising the percentage needed to appear on stage.

By the way, the Star Trek re-run sucked.  NCIS was good.

The debate often put me to sleep,
so I roamed over to NCIS.

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