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Friday, October 9, 2015

Warmonger Alert! - General Jack Keane

General Keane The Great Liar

  • Keane is strutting around screaming about Russian "aggression" in Syria and urging war. 
  • But the fact is relations between Syria and the USSR were initiated by an agreement signed way back in 1946.  Syria has been a long time ally of Russia.  
  • Russia is not being the aggressor.  Putin is reacting to years of aggression from the U.S., Turkey and Saudi Arabia who have been arming rebels to overthrow Syria the ally of Russia.

(CNS News)  –  Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a “proxy war” against the United State when Russian jets bombed CIA-trained rebels in Syria, and the U.S. military should have been ordered to retaliate, former U.S. Army vice chief of staff General Jack Keane said Thursday.
Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, the retired four-star general said retaliatory options could have included bombing the runway of the Syrian airbase being used by the Russians, and establishing and enforcing protective zones.
The U.S. should also have made it clear to the Russians that the coalition would conduct its air operations against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) anytime, anywhere and that “the Russians should stay out of our way if they want to avoid confrontation.”
“Historically, aggression unanswered, has led to more aggression.”
“If we continue to wring our hands and continue to be dominated by fear and opposed to instilling fear, then Russian aggression will not just advance in the Middle East – it will with certainty escalate in the Baltics and eastern Europe,” Keane said.
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Anonymous said...

been watching this guy for a while now.He's an obvious shill for the military-industrial-war for profit & control party.Can't believe he's allowed to propagandize every day on fox without any counter balance.Hope you enjoy your blood $$$ General Keane! Its disgusting.