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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Women's "Boobs" Attacked by Insane Liberals

Women who Hate Themselves and Men

  • Leftists hate themselves and our culture. They want to abort their children, import illegals to replace us and in this story attack grown adults for asking other grown adults to voluntarily pose for photos.
  • Naturally in a self-masturbatory orgy of politically correctness all the males involved must grovel and apologize for doing nothing illegal.

(Breitbart California)  -  A female student at the University of California San Diego has blown the whistle on a fraternity member’s salacious Facebook request for “rush boobs”–for her to expose her breasts in a photo for rush week.

Rachel Friedman received a request from Spenser Cornett, a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity on the UCSD campus, asking her to send a selfie to show off her assets, according to FOX 5.
Friedman said, “He wanted my breasts and to say ‘rush’ and the name of his fraternity.”

Insane Leftists talk about boobs and guns
as if they are bad things.

Cornett’s Facebook message stated that he and his fellow fraternity members were given the job of obtaining “rush boobs” for rush week. Friedman exposed the message on Facebook and forwarded the message to San Diego media. Cornett later apologized, asking Friedman to remove his message from Facebook.
Friedman pontificated, “It is common practice and goes along with the rape culture. It is more common in Greek life than any other aspect.” She posted on Facebook, “I am utterly disgusted with the fact that this fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, is trying to use the degradation of (womxn) to promote rush, and I am personally offended that I was even asked to do such a thing. It’s time people take their heads out of their asses and RESPECT others.”
One year ago, Friedman met Cornett at a “Free the Nipple” campus demonstration. “Free the Nipple” demonstrators often go topless in public to protest supposed sexual inequality. Friedman noted, “The premise of going topless for ‘Free the Nipple’ is exactly opposite of exposing myself without even my face being there, just exposing my body to say, ‘Join this frat, join this group of men.’”
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The Eternal Double Standard
Liberated female celebrities like Nicki Minaj (above) have no problem putting their assets on the Internet for all to see. 
But if a male dares to ask a woman to voluntarily pose for the same photos they take themselves then you are tagged as a monster and part of the so-called "rape culture." 

Kim Kardashian has no problem appearing in body paint, but an adult college
student is not allowed to ask another adult college student to pose.

Displaying herself in body paint is fine for super model Lauren Mellor, but don't dare ask a fellow student to volunteer to do what celebrities do.

But it is fine for model Nabilla Benettia to appear in body paint.


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