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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Speaker" Paul Ryan, Just More Establishment Control

Can the Establishment be Defeated?

By Gary;

I guess someone has to be Speaker of the House.  It might be Paul Ryan or it might not. But I can guarantee you it will NOT be a populist Conservative.  The Establishment that buys our elections will see to that.

Listening to the common people is not on the agenda for either party, but for decades the open borders GOP has specialized in fucking over their base.

Republicans campaign like they are outsiders and someone else is in charge.  But the GOP has run the House for 16 out of the last 20 years, held the Senate for much of that time and the White House for eight years.

If the GOP is not in charge of making the laws for this country then who is?

The fight for House Speaker shows we have two Republican Parties:

  1. There is the vast majority of the GOP which wants more debt, open borders to export American middle class jobs and import endless cheap labor for their Wall Street Masters.
  2. Then we have a small minority of the GOP wants less debt, closed borders, protect American jobs and protect American businesses from Asian and Latin American cheap labor.

We saw this early split with the 1992 Presidential election and the rise of the Reform Party.

Voters were disgusted then and still are today.  The Tea Party is just another form of that feeling that we have no control over our own government.

The rise of Donald Trump is directly related to these issues.  That is why you see the Establishment soiling their pants at his rise.
Pat Buchanan hit it on the head:   
"Many House rebels and Trump supporters look on the hollowing out of America’s industrial base as the direct result of trade treaties negotiated for the benefit of transnational corporations, whose profits are contingent on cutting production costs by moving factories out of the USA.
Ryan voted for all of those trade deals. And Ryan voted for fast track, the unilateral surrender of Congress’ power even to amend the trade treaties Barack Obama brings home," wrote Buchanan.
My prediction is Ryan, or an Establishment Ryan look-a-like, will be the next Speaker.  It will be business as usual.

The only hope for America is Trump winning the White House.

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