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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trump, Wrestling and Politics - The Ultimate Reality Show

WWE chairman Vince McMahon (C) prepares to have his head shaved by Donald Trump (L) and Bobby Lashley (R) while being held down by ''Stone Cold'' Steve Austin after losing a bet in the Battle of the Billionaires at the 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment's Wrestlemania at Ford Field.

Keeping The Masses Entertained
Trump breaks through the boring clutter of 
the media and reaches directly to voters

By Gary;

Conservative radio host Dr. Michael Savage said it well:  "The Republican candidates for President are about as exciting as pallbearers at a funeral."

Savage is dead on.

If you are a political nerd you drool over every word sputtered by the candidates and their talking head supporters.  But the rest of the voters tune out because they have heard these same lies in election after election.

As the ultimate showman Donald Trump has cut through the media clutter.  Trump is Governor Jesse Ventura on steroids and with a billion dollar war chest.

Former WWE star, actor and Mayor, Jesse "The Body" Ventura ran a people's campaign and crushed both the Republicans and Democrats getting himself elected as Governor of Minnesota on the Reform Party ticket.

Trump is Trump.  But he is effectively running a Jesse Ventura campaign.  Trump could care less what the chattering classes and professional politicians think.  Trump is reaching out directly to the people who have been ignored by the corrupt Elites.

It drives the Elites insane that Trump is not an ideologue . . . as if any of the Elite are.  Trump is often all over the map politically because the average voter is also all over the map.  That is the source of his appeal.

Both Trump and Jesse Ventura speak their minds and do not pander, and both are equally hated by the Elites.  Sit back and enjoy the show.

Donald Trump shaves off Vince McMahon's hair

Politics is Wrestling
In both "sports" there are no rules and slamming your opponent through a table is cheered by the crowd.  And above all, both sports must entertain the audience and Trump in the ultimate entertainer.

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