"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, August 7, 2015

Channel Surfing During the GOP Debate

Nothing Matters
And So What If It Does
No matter how many Republicans we elect the borders stay 
wide open and Big Brother government grows.

By Gary;

What if every candidate is a liar?

That thought passed through my mind while watching the earlier GOP debate featuring all the pathetic loser candidates with 0% to 2% in polls.

It was at this point I started channel surfing re-runs of Law & Order, the Food Channel . . . hey, I wonder what's on AMC right now?  Anything is better that wasting my life listening to the "riveting" views of George Pataki and Carly Fiorina.

Let start off saying that I am a jaded, bitter, old Constitutional Federalist. Every two years I have watched the same old GOP dog and pony show pushing the same old bullshit.

The GOP will:
  • Secure the borders
  • Cut spending
  • Lower the debt
  • Reduce the size of government

It is all lies.  The Republican Party has adopted the platform of the Democrat Party.  A vote for a Republican is always a vote for the full funding of Democrat big government policies.  Nothing is ever cut and the borders stay wide open.

By the way, the Law & Order SVU re-run was pretty good.

The Main Event

This was definitely the "A Team" and my TV remote was not as active.

As a general observation it is interesting how all these Republicans are running against "Big Government" and all its evils.  They ignored the fact that the GOP runs Congress.  The GOP has controlled the House for 16 out of 20 years, controlled the Senate for much of that time and the White House for 8 years.  The Republican Party is the very Big Government that they are running against.

But enough.  It will be fascinating to see how the polls shake out.  In the meantime this is my gut feeling how the debate turned out.

The Donald     - - - - -   A 100% pure force of nature. Hit his stride with immigration.
Marco Rubio   - - - - -   Young and well spoken.
John Kasich    - - - - -    Don't like him, but his personality is engaging.
Jeb Bush         - - - - -    Did OK positioning himself as a Conservative

Staying Even
Scott Walker   - - - - -    Did alright but did not hit any home runs.
Mike Huckabee - - - -    Going nowhere but doing it very well.  Good guy.

Ted Cruz           - - - - -   Screw him. Don't like at all.  Did so so at best in the debate.
Chris Christie    - - - - -  Trump steals his thunder.  Dead meat.
Rand Paul          - - - - -  Stood tall for a Bill of Rights the GOP wants to gut.
Ben Carson        - - - - -  Sorry Doc.  It ain't gonna happen.  Get out now.

Stay tuned.  Anything can, and no doubt will happen.

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