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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

President Sanders or President Trump?

How About Trying a Free Election?
Voters on the Left and the Right are spitting mad 
about Wall Street buying our politicians.

By Gary;

People on both the Left and the Right are mad as Hell and they are not going to take it any more . . . and I am one of them.

We the People no longer have the right to select our own candidates to represent us in Washington D.C.  Instead the corrupt Wall Street special interests are buying our politicians with cold, hard campaign cash and promises of jobs when they leave office.

The open borders Wall Streeters want endless cheap imported labor, insider tax breaks and access to the U.S. Treasury to pad their profits.  This is not free enterprise.  It is crony capitalism or corporatism.

The Left

Left wing Democrats look at Elite Establishment candidates like Hillary and Biden as the bought and paid for tools of the Billionaire Cartels . . . and they would be right.

True Leftists are flocking to Bernie Sanders and his European style brand of Democratic Socialism.

The brainless pundits say if Biden gets in the race he will split the anti-Hillary vote.  I suspect the opposite.  Biden and Hillary will split the anti-Sanders vote.

The Right

I have been pissed off with my bought and paid for open borders GOP politicians since 2003.  Now it is coming to a head.

In the recent PPP poll three outsider candidates rack up 41% of the vote in Iowa.  Trump gets 19%, Carson 12% and Fiorina 10%.

Conservatives are angry at the open borders professional political whores who run the GOP.  I can't blame them.  The GOP keeps the borders open, jacks up spending, approves more debt and ignores the average voter in favor of their big money campaign supporters.

Bottom Line - The people have a gut feeling that they have lost control of their own country.  Sanders and Trump are the vehicles to try and take it back.  Watch for the Elites who own the political class and the mass media to rip Trump and Sanders limb from limb.

No Real Choices on Election day
The corrupt Elites don't give a damn about the average voter because they know you have no meaningful choices on election day.  You are only allowed a "choice" of one open borders Wall Street funded faction or another open borders Wall Street funded faction.

Free elections in Israel, not in U.S.
In every democratic country on earth, except the United States, the voters have multiple real and meaningful ballot choices with many parties being elected to their legislatures.
In the example of Israel below, they have ten parties elected to their Knesset so every possible faction of society is represented, not just the super rich Corporate Elites.
At the very least we need to reform our House of Representatives to allow a return to free elections in America.

A Simple System
The 120 seats in the Knesset are elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency.  If a party gets 10% of the vote they get 10% of the seats.  20% of the vote, 20% of the seats.  The corrupt influence of big money is vastly reduced.
Maybe we could try free elections in America?

(Israeli legislative election, 2015)

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