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Monday, August 10, 2015

GOP shrinks Navy to 1917 levels - Australia picks up slack

The Arrival of the Great White Fleet in San Francisco, 1908.
The GOP Congress is cutting the navy to pre-WWI levels.

The GOP Disarms America

  • The navy, army and air force have been shrinking for years and years.  Republicans love to blame Democrats for being "anti-military".  
  • But the fact of the matter is Congress votes the money and the GOP has controlled the House for 16 out of the last 20 years, the Senate for much of that time and the White House for 8 years.  So which party is anti-military?
  • Might I add the the VA hospitals have been a major disaster under GOP Congressional control.

(Washington Times)  -  There’s a little good news from Down Under, and it comes when the West needs good news. Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia is moving up by three years the work on building a fleet of advanced frigates, at a cost of nearly $12 billion, expressed in American currency. It’s part of his plan to raise defense spending to 2 percent of Australia’s gross domestic product, up from 1.8 percent. This adds $2.6 billion a year to the current $23 billion military budget.
It’s reassuring that the United States has a solid ally, one with a clear understanding of the stakes, to oppose Chinese aggression in the region. The Australian initiative will produce a modernized fleet of 40 surface war ships and submarines to answer China’s thrust into the South China Sea. With threat to its southern shores a thousand miles away, China is scraping up and converting coral reefs and shoals to dry land in Southeast Asia, transforming them into military bases athwart one of the world’s most important sea lanes.
Australia is the canary in the Asian coal mine. Its economy is feeling the effects of China’s slowing economy and the collapse of commodity prices. If China descends further into crisis, a strong possibility, the effects will eventually be felt by all of China’s trading partners, and at a time when Australia’s allies — Britain, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States — are cutting defense spending.
The growing integration of American, Australian and Japanese strategies in East Asia now will be accomplished by the American Navy, which once bore almost alone the responsibility for keeping the vast sea lanes of the region free for all. President Obama has shrunk the (U.S.) Navy to its smallest size since the end of World War I, and with it, responsibility.
Australia is not alone looking to its own defense in the region. The ambitions of the Chinese for strategic advantage is sending ripples throughout Southeast Asia, where the smaller nations have lived for years with the aphorism that “when China spits, Asia swims.” China is the first trading partner for many of these swimming nations.
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US Army to Cut 40,000 Troops

Australian Navy
HMAS Rankin, sixth submarine of the Collins class, underway in 2006

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