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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

GOP-Dems look to rig Florida elections - Top Two is coming

"Corruptus in Extremis"

  • First the corrupt "bipartisan" election rigging came to California, then Washington.  Now a bipartisan effort is on to abolish party primaries in Florida and effectively ban independent and third party candidates from the November ballot.  
  • With Dem & GOP registration falling, the special interest Elites want to prevent any possible opposition on the November ballot by preventing opposition political parties from even appearing.
  • As a "bonus" whatever power Conservatives have in a GOP primary would be deliberately watered down with outside voters.

(Palm Beach Post)  -  Who hates America’s political parties? More and more Americans, it seems.
Allegiance to Democrats or Republicans is shrinking fast. The number of no-party-affiliated voters in Florida has increased nearly five-fold since 1990. They’re now 27 percent of the electorate. That share is expected rise to 29 percent by the 2016 election and to 33 percent – a third of Florida voters! – by 2022.
The trend is fueled particularly by younger people, who increasingly register as independents. Last year, the state’s registration figures showed that an average of 55 percent of net voters (new registrants minus those removed from the system) were of neither major party.
What voters deserve is a system that rewards politicians who speak not to the most extreme elements of their own parties, but who reach to the middle and forge coalitions with independents and the other party.
Such a proposal is in the works. It’s a “Top Two” primary system for Florida congressional, state legislative, governor’s and cabinet races. A ballot amendment called All Voters Vote is being prepared in time for the 2016 election, and, if passed, would go into effect in the 2018 election cycle.
There would be no more Democratic primary, no Republican primary. In their stead would be a single primary that candidates from any party — or none — could enter. The top two winners would go on to face each other in the general election. In state elections, a candidate with at least 50 percent of the vote would be declared the winner immediately.
Washington state and California have primaries like these, and the results have worked just as planned: more reasonable candidates are getting into office, according to Miami lawyer Gene Stearns, who is leading the effort.
The system seems jarring at first. It would be possible for two Republicans – or two Democrats – to win a primary’s top two spots, and therefore face each other in the general election.
Awkward? Perhaps for the parties. But the voters would benefit, because candidates will succeed by being less ideologically rigid and more appealing to people in the center. Candidates will have to talk, and listen, to all the voters, not just those in the partisan cocoon.
All Voters Vote is a bipartisan effort. Stearns, a Democrat who was campaign manager for former Gov. Reubin Askew, is joined by Jim Smith, a Republican and former Florida attorney general and secretary of state. Another prominent supporter is former Democratic state legislator and Florida State University President Sandy D’Alemberte. Stearns was a major supporter of Fair Districts, the 2010 amendments meant to remove partisanship from the creation of congressional and state legislative districts.
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GOP Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado (above left) and GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
California Abolished Free Elections.
For 160 years (1850 to 2010) all political parties and independents were listed on the November election ballots so the people would have a wide variety of choices.  But freedom is no more. 

In a corrupt back room deal, with no public hearings, the state's Democrats, GOP State Senator Abel Maldonado (above left) and GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (and backed by other Republicans) abolished party primaries in California and only the top two vote getters were allowed on the general election ballots.
Four California opposition parties from both the Left and the Right were effectively banned from all future general election ballots - The American Independent Party, California Green Party, the Peace and Freedom Party and the Libertarian Party are no longer on the November ballot.

But it gets worse.  All write-in votes were declared illegal and will not be counted by the all-powerful and corrupt ruling Elites.
Both Republican and Democrat leaders were happy to eliminate ballot opposition.

Now the only parties on November ballots are the ones flooded with countless millions in corrupt union and business campaign contributions.  Each group is looking to rape the treasury and line their pockets with taxpayer cash. 

I fully support GOP and Democrat
"election reform" efforts in Florida.
Fidel Castro

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