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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Americans Fired and Mexicans Hired

Fucked - Oreo Plant Goes To Mexico
  • The open borders Republicans and Democrats not only want to import millions of foreigners to drive down wages for their Wall Street Masters.  But they also want open borders "free trade" agreements where American middle class jobs are lost to workers in places like Communist Vietnam where they make $150 a month.

It looks like Nabisco, creators of Oreo and other childhood obsessions—ahem, Chips Ahoy—is seriously considering a potentially permanent move south of the border: Last month it announced that half of its 1,200 employees at its Chicago Southwest Side branch would be laid off in the coming year in order to transfer funding to its newest factory in Salinas, Mexico. 

The Chicago Tribune reports that the company opted out of a $130 million dollar upgrade for the factory, and is instead investing that same money in a state-of-the-art production system in Salinas called "Lines of the Future." These lines will replace the, "9 inefficient manufacturing lines at its Chicago biscuit plant," and that the company has no plans of totally abandoning the U.S. plant entirely, according to a Nabisco parent company Mondelez International press release.

The Chicago plant was founded in the 1950s and is the largest bakery in the world. Despite union representative protests, it didn't receive the designated $130 million upgrade, however Mondelez International, has stated that it does intend to improve the production technology of Chicago's seven remaining lines with an unspecified amount of funding, so there's still hope for the workers who didn't lose their jobs. 

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A 1896 campaign poster for William McKinley and Garrett Hobart
showing the candidates' support for sound money based
on gold and protective tariffs.
Protecting American Jobs
In the olden days the Republican Party stood for protecting American businesses and jobs from goods produced by cheap foreign labor.  But those days are long gone.
The Tariff Act of 1890, commonly called the McKinley Tariff, was an act of the United States Congress framed by Representative William McKinley that became law on October 1, 1890. The tariff raised the average duty on imports to almost fifty percent, an act designed to protect domestic industries from foreign competition.
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A Permanent Great Depression
The poverty of the 1930s Great Depression is coming back.  The moronic politicians and TV talking heads blunder forward thinking the future will look like the past as they talk about new jobs and economic recovery.
Those of us still able to think for ourselves see the writing on the wall.  Technology, free trade agreements, robotics, the Internet and outsourcing are permanently abolishing jobs by the millions.  At some point the consumer economy will collapse as people with jobs to buy products simply vanish.
Welcome to a future of eternal poverty, unemployment, EBT cards and government housing.

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