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Friday, August 14, 2015

Illegal Alien Muslims Gang Rape Refugee Center Worker

African Muslims Pour into Italy
Open borders political hacks in both Europe and America do nothing to stop legal or illegal immigration.

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(Il Primato Nazionale)  -  Unbelievable, yet even this has happened: the evening of July 30, Thursday , for some reason destroyed the entire interior of the house the family for illegal minors abandoned , the next day - Friday - raping an operator group in the same reception center. In between, an assassination attempt against the head of the establishment and the destruction of his car.
Protagonists of so much youthful exuberance, worthy of the best resources that every day we import a thousand , three Egyptians and two including a sixteen seventeen , arrested by the police on charges of threats, bodily harm, damage and aggravated sexual assault group more, for one two Egyptians aged 17, of   attempted murder .
We reconstruct in detail what happened during the night and the day of madness in which three teenagers Egyptian alleged need of care have prevailed with crazy violence on the seat and the people for six months took care of them .
The prologue, it was said, on Thursday night, when the band, for unknown reasons, have devastated the vessels of the host structure, attacking even some operators of the family home. Because of minor injuries, one of three North Africans and a property assistant were forced to seek medical treatment to ' hospital Alatri .
The same Egyptian minor injured, as he was kindly taken back in the car in Fiuggi , with a crutch he tried to strangle the person in charge of the care organization , which ended in the emergency room of the ' hospital of San Benedetto .
Do not pay for the damage inflicted on the structure and attempted murder, in the same night between Thursday and Friday the three they thought to destroy the car of the same administrator of the family home.
Inexplicably still at large, the next day, Friday , the dramatic climax: the gang rape.  The victim would be a worker of 48 years , who was in the reception center of the spa when the three offenders, according to initial reports, they stuck to the ground and raped , after having beaten and immobilized the administrator of the facility victim of attempted murder and damage to private the previous night.
After stopping for some reason the small group of Egyptian minors would be conducted not in prison but in a reception center in Rome .
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