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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Over Half of Virginia Legislative Races Have Only One Candidate on Ballot

Is This Democracy?
  • You don't need voter fraud to "win".  Most American elections are already as phony as those held in China, Cuba or Iran with little to no competition.
  • If you think the politicians don't give a crap about you it is because they have absolutely no fear of defeat on election day.

(Ballot Access News)  -  Virginia elects state legislators in November of odd years. This year over half of the races have only one candidate on the ballot.

  • For the 100 House races, only one person is on the ballot in 63 districts. 
  • For the State Senate, only one person is on the ballot in 15 of the 40 races. 

Thanks to Sandy Sanders for this information. Sanders is working to find a sponsor for a bill in next year’s session to ease the definition of “political party.”

Current law says it is a group that polled 10% for any statewide race at either of the last two elections. Virginia’s 10% is higher than any other state, except Alabama is 20% and New Jersey and Oklahoma are also 10%. Also Georgia has a 1% vote test for statewide office but 20% for party status for the district offices.

(Ballot Access News)


Warning to American Readers
U.S. readers please do not be frightened by the election results below where voters had multiple real political parties to choose from.  America is the only democratic nation on earth where voter choices are restricted and elections basically rigged by the same two parties that "magically" win 100% of all elections.

  • In Virginia (population 8.3 million) most voters are given a "choice" of one single candidate.
  • In the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg (population 10.6 million) the voters had seven political parties to choose from and four parties elected to office.

That is called freedom.

Seven parties on the German ballot.
Maybe the people in Virginia might like to
experiment with free elections,

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