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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, August 17, 2015

Trump to spend $1 billion on campaign

How Much Will You Sell Your Vote For?

The Republic is Dead.  Long Live Rule by Oligarchy as corrupt Billionaire Cartels buy candidates like Hillary and Bush or Billionaires buy the office of their choice.

(CNN)  -  Donald Trump said Saturday that he's prepared to spend $1 billion on his campaign if necessary.
"It's irrelevant," he said when asked by CNN's Jeremy Diamond outside the Iowa State Fair on how much he has spent so far on his campaign. "I make $400 million a year, so what difference does it make? What I want to do is make the country great."
Pressed again later in the afternoon if he would spend up to $1 billion, Trump was more definitive: "If necessary, I will spend it, yes."
Trump said he does not have to worry about pleasing lobbyists like other candidates because his race is self-funded. The businessman said he recently turned down $5 million from a lobbyist wanting to contribute to his campaign.
The bombastic billionaire, who has claimed he's worth $10 billion, has given to candidates in the past -- including Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton -- so, according to him, they will do his bidding.
    That's why he said Saturday the more than $100 million raised by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will make him a "puppet" controlled by his donors.
    Trump also said outside the fair that he had just put out a position paper on immigration, which will be revealed on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday morning. On Friday, Trump said he was going to release detailed proposals on immigration and overhauling the tax code next month.
    The immigration plan will include Trump's oft-repeated pledge to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.
    "Nobody is going through my wall. It's going to be strong. It's going to be solid," he said.
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    Oh how far we have fallen
    The Republic created by Washington, Hamilton and Franklin is dead.
    Long live rule by the super wealthy Oligarchs.
    The Presidency  -  The Founding Fathers wanted an executive chosen by state legislatures through a meeting of an Electoral College.  That system has collapsed into a bidding war where Billionaire Cartels buy puppet candidates to follow the orders of their Masters.  Now we are seeing individual billionaires using their wealth to purchase the votes of the masses of the American Sheeple.
    Buying Congress  -  For decades the Billionaire Cartels have been busy buying Senators and Congressmen with hundreds of millions in corrupt special interest cash.  Congress no longer responds to the people.  It only responds to the fat cats who finance campaigns and provide jobs to obedient Congressmen when their retire.

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