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Friday, August 7, 2015

Video - Food riots in Communist Venezuela

Communists can't even grow food

(Breitbart News)  -  Socialist Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is blaming a United States conspiracy for a supermarket riot over the weekend that left one 21-year-old man dead–a man witnesses say was shot to death by Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Guard.

A mob attacked a supermarket warehouse in San Félix, Bolívar, on Friday, attempting to tear down the walls of a warehouse and acquire basic food items, such as milk and flour. Video shows a crowd of dozens organizing in front of the building and attempting to break through, with Bolivarian National Guard troops attempting to violently disperse the crowd. When police finally managed to subdue the crowd, 60 people were arrested, and 21-year-old Gustavo Patinez Gómez was dead of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Witnesses to Patinez Gómez’s death have said they clearly saw National Guard troops shoot him, which the government denies. Instead, President Maduro accused the United States of being behind the man’s death. The entire riot, he claimed, was “planned” by Americans and executed by Venezuela’s “battered left.” “You all know that a military general of the United States doesn’t predict. He orders and the battered Venezuelan right-wing executes,” he said.

Venezuela is estimated to be suffering 615% inflation and significant food shortages. The government has not yet opened its market to limit the damage, however, instead targeting food distributors. On Thursday, the Venezuelan government seized a distribution center used by Pepsi, Nestle, and the Venezuelan company Polar, jeopardizing the distribution of 12,000 tons of food.

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