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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Join ISIS and get a free washing machine

One Free Washer Per Dead Infidel

(Daily Mail)  -  ISIS extremists are trying to lure would-be jihadis from Britain by offering to accommodate them in homes fitted with the latest domestic appliances.

The terror group is apparently offering to provide basic household items such as washing machines, fridges, cookers, carpets and mattresses to those who flee the UK and join militants in Syria.

The extremists are also offering to pay potential fighters additional money for each child they take out to Syria, in a bid to recruit large families from Britain.

The incentives have been unveiled by Omar Hussain, 27, a former Morrisons supermarket security guard who now acts as an ISIS propagandist in western Syria.

He has tried to coax foreigners to Syria ever since leaving the home he shared with his mother in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire last year, by writing bizarre blog posts where he portrays life under Islamic State's brutal regime as peaceful.

In his latest post, in which he addresses 'frequently asked questions', Hussain claims ISIS will pay would-be fighters' rent, and give them monthly supplies of basic foods such as bread, rice and pasta.
He adds: 'They also pay you additional money to support your wife, and if you have children, then this monthly wage increases per every child.

'If this isn't enough, then Dawlah (Islamic State) also provides your family with the basic household items, such as a washing machine, fridge, cooker, carpets, mattresses and some other kitchen items.'

Foreign jihadists recruited to ISIS are reportedly given a monthly wage of about $US500, which is said to be five times as much as the amount given to those who sign up to the militant group locally.

It is understood ISIS controls factories in Syria and Iraq where white goods can be sourced and handed over to families. 

They also reportedly smuggle household appliances across from Turkey with militants previously posting photos online of new fridges being delivered to residents in Iraq's Anbar province.
Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur

"I made my Jihadi feel like a real man on our
free ISIS provided mattress."

"We want our free ISIS washer now Allah damn it."

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