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Friday, August 28, 2015

Thought Police to Crush Internet Freedom of Speech to Protect Muslims

Protecting Illegal Alien Muslims
  • The open borders Thought Police are goosestepping right up the the headquarters of Facebook to demand that the Internet be sanitized of all language that has not been approved of by Big Brother.
  • The hundreds of thousands pouring into the West are NEVER identified as Muslims or illegal aliens.  The Media Machine and Government always identifies them as "migrants" or "asylum seekers" or "refugees".
  • Remember, if you are insane enough to say out loud that your nation has the right to exist, and not be invaded by illegal aliens, then you will be labeled a racist and an "Enemy of the State".

(Bloomberg News)  -  German Justice Minister Heiko Maas wants Facebook Inc. to remove racist posts targeting asylum seekers after several attacks on refugee camps in Germany over the past week.

Facebook should “urgently” review its practices when dealing with the posts, he told the company in an Aug. 26 letter obtained by Bloomberg News. Numerous users have complained to the ministry that Facebook didn’t remove xenophobic posts even after they were flagged and reviewed, arguing that the comments don’t violate its community standards. That didn’t go down well in Berlin.

It is incomprehensible that “photos of certain body parts are automatically deleted because of moral concerns, yet racist and xenophobic statements aren’t immediately removed,” Maas wrote in the letter, which was reported earlier by Tagesspiegel newspaper. “There must be no mistaken tolerance for users that offensively preach xenophobia and racism.” He invited Facebook for talks Sept. 14 in the ministry.

Facebook said it takes the minister’s concerns seriously and welcomes the opportunity to meet. “Facebook is no place for racism,” it said in a statement e-mailed by public relations company APCO Worldwide. “Such content clearly violates our community standards and we would urge people not to try and use our platform to distribute hate speech.”

Germany is grappling with the possible arrival of 800,000 people fleeing war and poverty in 2015.

The debate has extended to Facebook and other social-media sites, where posts range from users offering help and shelter to xenophobic comments denouncing refugees as “parasites.” Luxury-car maker Porsche fired one of its trainees after he wrote a particularly hateful comment under a Facebook post showing a Syrian girl refugee, Austria’s Kurier newspaper reported last month.

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