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Friday, August 21, 2015

ISIS Bulldozes Ancient Christian Monastery Including Tomb Of Saint Elian in Syria

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The Church of Saint Elian

  • Hard information on so many of the ISIS horrors is hard to get as they happen behind enemy lines.  It is possible that this church is one of the buildings being targeted. 

Frescos inside the church which was built in 432 AD

The Church of Saint Elian is a church in HomsSyria, located along Tarafa bin al-Abd Street near the Gate of Palmyra. The Feast of St. Elian is held annually at the church on February 6, attracting a large number of pilgrims.

It took its name from Saint Elian, a native of Homs, who was martyred for his refusal to renounce Christianity in 284 CE at the hands of his father, a Roman officer. St. Elian was a physician by trade and various miracles of healing are attributed to him. The church itself was founded in 432 on the claimed spot of St. Elian's death, with his remains placed in a sarcophagus in a small chapel to the right of the church's main crypt.

In 1969-70, Mar Elian was renovated. During the renovation, the plaster which covered the inner walls of the crypt was removed, revealing ancient frescoes depicting murals of Jesus, Mary, the Apostles, and various prophets. The frescoes date to at least the 12th century, but it is widely believed to date to the 6th century, making them the oldest surviving church paintings in Syria. They were complemented by new frescoes in the main nave and side-aisles of the church painted by two Romanian iconographers, showing various scenes of St. Elian's lifetime.


An elderly man is beheaded by the Islamic State in Syria
after being charged with witchcraft.
The Islamic State publicly beheaded an older man in Aldbsa, Syria, a city west of Raqqa, the terror group's de facto capital. The man was charged with witchcraft and "invoking magic." 
Pictures of the brutal killing show the man being led to his death by an Islamic State militant along with a teenager.
The masked man is then taken to a sawed-off tree stump, where the executioner puts his head before chopping it off with an axe.   (Clarion Project.org)

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