"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The RINOs are calling Trump a RINO

America is Almost Gone
And the bipartisan asshole Elites want you to 
keep voting for their puppet candidates.

By Gary;

I am under no illusions about The Donald.

Trump is only vaguely aware that a Constitution exists.  That means he could be the ultimate in an Imperial President.

But on the plus side he is a hard as nails pro-business, pro jobs for Americans leader who will publicly bitch slap any fool who dares to cross him.

To bottom line it, the establishment GOP be they left, right or middle, have had their chance and they have failed miserably.  So to try and cling to power the Leftist RINOs strike back calling Trump a RINO.

The Elites lecture us that Trump could lose the election.  At this point I say, "Who the fuck cares?"

The nation is rapidly being overrun by tens of millions of legal and illegal aliens, sinking in multi-trillions of dollars of debt and seeing a massive increase in poverty.

Another couple of decades like this and the America we knew will vanish into the dustbin of history like ancient Greece or the Roman Republic.

Maybe The Donald putting his finger in the dike will only slow the inevitable collapse of America.  But we must try.

David Limbaugh said it best:

"Trump is standing up, shaking his fist at the Beltway elite and saying he is tired of the intentionally managed decline of America and the impotence and apparent indifference of Republicans. In contrast with much of the GOP ruling class, he is high-energy, is in your face, has no tolerance for excuses and is vigorously proud of America. He refuses to take no for an answer, unlike most Republicans, with a few notable exceptions, who seem to lust after any excuse for inaction and avoid confrontation at all costs.

Trump is filling a void, which he couldn't do if one didn't exist. Like him or not, he is shaking things up, sounding an alarm and showing other candidates what appeals to voters."

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