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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Great Lakes - GOP Electoral College Target

GOP elected Governors in 2014 (red).

The Great Lakes
The Lakes States are ground zero for the GOP in 2016.

By Gary;

The Republican Party has more or less permanently lost the mega states of California (55 votes) and New York (29 votes) in the Presidential Electoral College.

Between those two states the GOP starts off in a hole with a huge block of 84 electoral college votes going to the Democrats.  In addition Virginia (13 votes) and Florida (29 votes) have been trending Democrat.

So where does the GOP look to for replacement votes?

The Great Lakes states.  Collectively as a block they have 75 electoral college votes to offer.  Votes that have gone Democrat more often than not.  For example, Michigan and Illinois have not voted Republican for President since 1988.

There is a possible voter shift happening that favors Republicans.

2014 saw the election of GOP Governors in Illinois (20 votes), Ohio (18), Michigan (16) and Wisconsin (10).  Indiana (11) already had a Republican Governor.  In addition, nearby Iowa (6 votes) also elected a GOP Governor and Senator.

To me an ideal 2016 ticket would be Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (or John Kasich) and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.   Walker to target the Lakes States and Rubio for Florida and Hispanics.

Let the games begin.

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