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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ralph Nader: Securing the Border Protects Americans from Wage Loss

Nader: "Protect the wages of workers."

  • THINK!  -  Why did the Democrats and the GOP ban Ralph Nader and other candidates from all Presidential debates?  Because both corrupt parties want to control your ballot choices and the information you get to hear.

Video of Ralph Nader, published in 2008, shows the liberal stalwart calling out many of his fellow liberal friends for abandoning a push for American sovereignty by securing the border. The objective was to protect American workers from wage loss, “infectious diseases,” smuggling, and more.

“The important thing is that we have to control our borders,” Nader said in the video, in which he was being interviewed by someone from the organization Glassbooth.org.

“Anyone who thinks we should have open borders is an apostle of the Wall Street Journal low-wage policy in this country against minorities. That’s one, and we need to control our borders not just in terms of immigration that’s illegal; we need to control in terms pollution, which is a horrendous problem, smuggling, which is a horrendous problem, and infectious diseases,” Nader went on to say.

Nader continued by saying the way to raise the minimum wage is by controlling immigration policy so that large numbers of foreign workers can’t drive wages down for American workers.

He also argued that “a lot of liberals” have abandoned pro-American sovereignty immigration policies, in favor of open borders ideas, to the detriment of Americans – especially minorities.

(Breitbart News)

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