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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kissinger warns of West’s ‘fatal mistake’ that may lead to new Cold War

Kissinger and Richard Nixon
Do we want a new Cold War?

  • Did both Obama and Putin deliberately push us toward a new Cold War to take their people's minds off of domestic economic and political issues?
  • Remember, politicians love to create evil foreign bogeymen to distract the people.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has given a chilling assessment of a new geopolitical situation taking shape amid the Ukrainian crisis, warning of a possible new Cold War and calling the West’s approach to the crisis a “fatal mistake.”

The 91-year-old diplomat characterized the tense relations as exhibiting the danger of “another Cold War.”

“This danger does exist and we can't ignore it,” Kissinger said. He warned that ignoring this danger any further may result in a “tragedy,” he told Germany’s Der Spiegel.

Cover Illustration from Colliers Magazine 10/27/51 This Cold War
era magazine imagines a “Preview of a War We Don’t Want” a cold
war what-if, featuring Russia’s defeat and US occupation 1952-1960.  


If the West wants to be “honest,” it should recognize, that it made a “mistake,” he said of the course of action the US and the EU adopted in the Ukrainian conflict. Europe and the US did not understand the “significance of events” that started with the Ukraine-EU economic negotiations that initially brought about the demonstrations in Kiev last year. Those tensions should have served as a starting point to include Russia in the discussion, he believes reports RT News.

“At the same time, I do not want to say that the Russian response was proportionate,” the Cold War veteran added, saying that Ukraine has always had a “special significance” for Russia and failure to understand that “was a fatal mistake.”

Calling the sanctions against Moscow “counterproductive,” the diplomat said that they set a dangerous precedent. Such actions, he believes, may result in other big states trying to take “protective measures” and strictly regulate their own markets in future.

When introducing some sanctions or publishing lists of people whose accounts were frozen one should wonder “what will happen next?” the former Secretary of State said rhetorically, because when something begins you cannot lose sight of where it is going to end.

Kissinger also said he would expect more action from Berlin on matter. As the most “important” country in Europe it should be more “proactive” rather than reactive, he said.

Cheering For War
Well known photo of a crowd in Munich cheering Germany's entry into World War One, detail shows young Adolf Hitler.
All sides in July, 1914 knew they were in the right.  So everyone eagerly cheered on the hack politicians who sent the troops in to show those "other guys" who is boss.  The result was countless millions of dead, a Communist revolution and and rise of the Nazis.
The only "winners" in World War One were the politicians who stayed in safety far behind the front lines and the military-industrial complex that pocketed billions in cold, hard cash. 

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