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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Naval Ship Hit During Deadly Clashes in Benghazi

Smoke rises from a shelled ship docked in the port of Benghazi due to clashes between Islamist militias & army.

Poison Fruit From Obama's War in Libya
Comrade Obama's unconstitutional Libyan War 
is the "gift" that just keeps giving.

(Vice News)  -  At least 13 people were reportedly killed in the Libyan port city of Benghazi today after clashes between pro-government soldiers and Islamist militia forces escalated and a naval ship was struck in the middle of and engagement involving aircraft and armored vehicles.

Photos from the scene show thick black smoke rising up out of the vessel docked in the port, although initially the circumstances surrounding the smoke were unclear. 
In video footage from the blast, the smoke can be seen at a further distance coming from the port and sounds of artillery fire are also audible.
While an army spokesperson initially reported that a small oil tanker was on fire, according to the Associated Press witnesses said that a navy ship had taken the hit.
Army spokesman Mohammed Hegazi told the AP that the militia fighters had launched rocket-propelled grenades from tall buildings in the port district of Libya's second largest city. According to Reuters, unverified reports indicated the struck vessel may have been sinking.  
The attacks took place in the eastern city, a key transit point for items like fuel and wheat, on Monday afternoon, after officials reportedly told residents to evacuate the Assabri district where the port is located.
On Sunday military officials had called for an evacuation of the area for noon local time today. Residents had started to leave in advance of planned army activity in the city, where the government is trying to recapture areas grabbed up by the Islamists in July. The pro-government military operation in Benghazi, which has been going for two weeks, has left at least 243 people dead — including today's casualties and civilians.
With the fighting in Benghazi dating back to May, Frederic Wehrey, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment's Middle East Program, told VICE News that "it's a battle for control of the city." 
Obama's Chickens Coming Home To Roost.

Libya closes Benghazi's port due to clashes

(Reuters) - Libya has closed Benghazi's commercial port due to clashes between the army and Islamist fighters in the area, a port official said on Tuesday.

"All ship movements and discharging of imports have been stopped," said the official. The port is a main entry point for wheat, fuel and other imports in eastern Libya.

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