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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Communist quote of the day - Venezuela, that sinking feeling

Welcome to Communism

On private businessmen selling goods and services:

“These right-wing contraband groups are still at work, with their anti-national and parasitic spirit, riding on the backs of the people and sucking their blood.” 
Nicolás Maduro
Communist President of Venezuela

Last month Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro went on TV to decree a ban on street sales of coffee, eggs, shampoo and some 50 other “regulated” items whose prices­ are capped by the government. He ordered the National Guard to police market stalls for such items as mayonnaise and powdered milk, and threatened to prosecute recidivist violators.

The crackdown is tricky for Maduro. In Petare and elsewhere, it risks alienating some of the poor Venezuelans who had long been loyal to Maduro’s predecessor, the late Hugo Chávez, but are increasingly unhappy with his understudy.

Maduro ya se maduró ,” quipped vendor Maribel Nieble, with a play on the president’s last name that meant “Maduro has turned rotten.”

She had a sorry-looking pile of bananas on her stand, but it was really just a facade. Hidden underneath in a dirty fruit crate were several illicit bottles of Downy-brand laundry detergent and cooking oil. When a bus pulled up and Nieble didn’t see any troops, she quickly set out her wares, concealing them again once the crowds thinned.

“I feel like a drug dealer,” she said.

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Shortage of Food in Venezuela

Violent clashes in Venezuela

Venezuelans standing in line for hours for food are forced to allow themselves to be branded like animals by government officials to mark their spot in the food lines. Those who refuse the humiliation are denied access to the little food that is available.

People line up to buy food at a supermarket in San Cristobal, about
410 miles (660 km) southwest of Caracas.

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