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Friday, November 28, 2014

A Chinese navy base in Africa?

While Obama Golfed
The Chinese base in Africa will be one of 18 that 
will be established in various regions.

China is discussing the construction of a base over the next 10 years in Namibia, southwest Africa, for the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the Namibian Times reported.

The base in Walvis Bay will be one of 18 that will be established in various regions, the paper reported Nov. 19, citing unidentified “Chinese media.”

The Namibian Times report was based on an unofficial Chinese Internet report and was “inaccurate,” “exaggerated” and therefore “groundless,” Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said at a monthly press conference in Beijing today, according to a transcript of his remarks. Geng didn’t say which parts of the report, if any, were accurate.

The Namibian Times said that China plans to build bases for replenishment, berthing and maintenance in foreign countries. The Chinese navy won’t establish U.S.-style military bases, it said, yet it won’t exclude the establishment of a number of so-called Overseas Strategic Support Bases in accordance with prevailing international rules.

The 18 bases would be built in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Mynanmar in the northern Indian Ocean; Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique in the western Indian Ocean; and Seychelles and Madagascar in the central South Indian Ocean, the Namibian Times said.

The three strategic lines will enhance China’s effectiveness in taking responsibility for maintaining the safety of international maritime routes, thereby maintaining regional and world stability, the Namibian Times said, citing the Chinese media reports.

Other Bases

Namibian Ministry of Defence spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Monica Sheya said she was aware of the discussions and that once a decision had been made the ministry would inform the nation.

The paper said other bases would be in Chongjin Port in North Korea, Moresby Port in Papua New Guinea, Sihanoukville Port in Cambodia, Koh Lanta Port in Thailand, Sittwe Port in Myanmar, Dhaka Port in Bangladesh, Gwadar Port in Pakistan, Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka, Djibouti Port in Djibouti, Lagos Port in Nigeria, Mombasa Port in Kenya, Dar es Salaam Port in Tanzania, Luanda Port in Angola, as well as in Maldives, and Seychelles.



Wolfer said...

It's good that as America falls apart under the leadership of General Secretary Obama, the Chinese are in the waiting to take over the world. Somebody inform Ronald Reagan that China won the Cold War.

Gary said...

The wars never end.