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Friday, November 14, 2014

Australian special forces enter Iraq with diplomatic passports

I guess Australians are bored

  • Question of the day:  Are Western politicians fucking stupid?
  • Australia has to "sneak" their troops into Iraq disguised as diplomats because the Iraqis won't protect them.  Yeah, I really want to come home as a triple amputee having defended that bunch of assholes.

AUSTRALIAN Special Forces have entered Iraq without a formal Status of Forces Agreement and will instead travel on diplomatic passports that will give them the legal protections they need.

It is understood about 100 Special Forces, led by the 2nd Commando Regiment, are now in Baghdad. All the 200-strong group’s weapons and kit — including new Bushmaster vehicles — are already in the country.

Until several days ago, the Special Forces had been stalled on a base in the United Arab Emirates since arriving in mid-September because no legal agreement had been reached with Iraq.

The newly formed Iraqi government was reluctant to sign a Status of Forces Agreement, or SoFA.

SoFAs protect visiting forces from civilian prosecution and formalise the presence of foreign force in another country, and it is believed Iraq considered this too great an incursion on their sovereign rights.


Australian troops in Afghanistan


 HMAS Sirius

Horror! The Russians are Coming
Australians send 3rd warship to "halt" a Russian 
flotilla headed to the G20 summit. 

A THIRD Australian warship has been dispatched to intercept a Russian flotilla steaming towards the G20 summit in Brisbane and a fourth navy vessel is ready to divert to the area.
The replenishment ship HMAS Sirius is heading into the Coral Sea to support the frigates HMAS Parramatta and HMAS Stuart and the frigate HMAS Sydney is preparing to divert from an exercise in New Zealand to join the mission, according to a government source.
Both Parramatta and Stuart are understood to be carrying Seahawk anti-submarine warfare helicopters, although defence sources said it was unlikely that a Russian submarine is in the area reports National News.

Three RAAF AP-3C Orion maritime surveillance aircraft, also equipped for anti-submarine warfare, have been sent to Amberley near Brisbane and are maintaining a 24/7 patrol above the flotilla, according to official sources.
The Russian task group is steaming southwest in the Coral Sea off Townsville at 15 knots and is due to arrive in international waters off the G20 venue on Saturday November 15. The ships will be off Rockhampton on Friday.
TRANSLATION:   The politicians in all nations need to beat their chests like gorillas to impress the folks back home about how powerful and in change they are.

In this case it is "we are going to show those Russians a thing or two."

But deep at end of the article where most people do not read is the truth.  That sending warships to summits is simply business as usual.

Defence released a statement saying that Russian warships had been deployed to previous international summits including the 2009 APEC meeting in Singapore and the visit of President Medvedev to San Francisco in 2010.


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