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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Robots Armies Will Take Your Job Then Kill You

Robots deliver dishes to customers at a robot restaurant in Harbin, China, which uses 20 robots to cook and deliver meals.  (The Guardian)
Photograph: Sheng Li/Reuters

Must See Video!
Infowars Reporters Jakari Jackson, Jon Bowne, and Rob Dew discuss the army of robots being created to take away minimum wage jobs and the next stop when robots stop working and start killing for their masters. They then segue into Obama's you didn't build that speech while showing all the things that Americans invented.

50% of Jobs Vanish in 11 Years

A paradigm shift is expected to be witnessed in the way workplaces operate over the next 15 years, making nearly 50 per cent of occupations existing today redundant by 2025, a report has said.

Artificial intelligence will transform businesses and the work that people do. Process work, customer work and vast swathes of middle management will simply disappear, it said.

The report titled 'Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace' has been prepared by realty consulting firm CBRE and China-based Genesis, a property developer, after interviewing 220 experts, business leaders and young people from Asia, Europe and North America reports Business Standard.

"Nearly 50 per cent of occupations today will no longer exist in 2025. New jobs will require creative intelligence, social and emotional intelligence and ability to leverage artificial intelligence. Those jobs will be immensely more fulfilling than today's jobs," the report said.

Workspaces with row of desks will become completely redundant, not because they are not fit for purpose, but simply because that purpose no longer exists, it said.

"The next 15 years will see a revolution in how we work, and a corresponding revolution will necessarily take place on how we plan and think about workplaces.

From Terminators to Farm Workers
Welcome to eternal poverty.  With the growth of artificial intelligence and robotics, humans are rapidly becoming unnecessary to the military and the economy.
Society is swiftly dividing into two classes: the permanently unemployed on welfare and those who still have jobs (at least for now).

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