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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Iraqi militias behead ISIS fighters

Shiite militiamen hold the flag of the Islamic State group
they captured, during an operation outside Amirli, some 105
miles (170 kilometers) north of Baghdad, Iraq. (AP photo)
All they want is a little head

  • Muslims from both sides are doing their fair share of head chopping.  Pardon me if I couldn't give a crap about this Middle East hell hole.  They were doing this shit 1,200 years before the U.S. even existed.

BAGHDAD (AP) — The vengeance that Iraq's Shiite militias mete out as they fight the Islamic State group can be just as brutal as that of their sworn sectarian enemies.

In a grisly video recently posted online, a Shiite fighter shouts the name of a revered imam in victory as he poses beside decapitated bodies. Another militiaman sits nearby, grinning as he maims a corpse.
One bearded militiaman explains the bodies are those of fighters who "killed our comrades." Another man shouts, "Our fighters were good guys. These are dogs."
The Shiite militias who have answered the call-to-arms by the government to fight the Islamic State group are growing more brutal, stoked by a desire for revenge against the Sunni extremists who have butchered Shiites who fall into their hands.

Iraqi Shiite militiamen fire their weapons during clashes
with militants from the Islamic State group.  (AP)

"The intervention of the Shiite volunteers was vital to saving Iraq," said Shiite lawmaker Faleh Hassan, who joined the Kataeb Hizbollah, one of the most prominent militias. He said he was answering the call by Iraq's top Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, to help fight the extremists.
He said he fought in the battle that broke the extremists' siege on the Shiite-majority town of Amirli in August and later participated in operations to liberate Jurf al-Sakher, a town south of Baghdad.
He acknowledged "some misdeeds done by some Shiite fighters." But, he said, "such practices happen during wartime."
Last month, Amnesty International said Shiite militias are increasingly to blame for kidnappings and retaliatory killings of Sunnis. There have been instances of Shiite militiamen killing captured militant fighters — or Sunnis they presume to be with the group — though not on the scale of the Islamic State group, which has boasted of killing hundreds of captured soldiers, militiamen and members of minority groups over the past five months.
Several videos posted online seem to be intentionally made by the Shiite militiamen to show off atrocities and intimidate opponents.
In one video, a militiaman in a uniform with the Kataeb Hizbollah logo is seen propping up the head of a bearded man on a stick next to a decapitated body.
"Why don't you burn him," asks another militiaman.
"You don't need to do that," a third says. "You already beheaded him."
In another, a masked militiaman stands next to a blindfolded man in handcuffs.
"This dog is a member of Daesh," the fighter says, using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group. "As vengeance for the Shiite martyrs ... we will slaughter them as they did us," he continues, his hand motioning across the neck as his fellow fighters cheer. The video does not show the man actually being killed.

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