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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Continuing Collapse of the California GOP

California voters gather around to see 
a rare site - the nearly extinct Republican elephant.

Deader Than Dead

  • The California GOP is dead.  All nine contested Congressional seats in the state went Democrat in the biggest GOP wave election in decades and decades.  Welcome to the People's Republic of California.

By Gary;

The California Republican Party is in total collapse leaving us non-Democrats in the state with no party to represent us.

Republican voter registration has plummeted down to only 28%.  The GOP now ranks in third place with independent voters and third parties holding 29% of voters.

The statewide races were a complete disaster with Leftist Democrats winning every single contest.  Most of the GOP "candidates" did not even bother to put up a campaign.

There were a couple marginal gains in the state legislature, but those have little meaning.  Democrats still have landslide margins of control in both houses.

Races for Congress

This is where it gets interesting.  The GOP has lost the support of California middle class voters in district after district.  Republicans now have only 15 of California's 53 Congressional seats.

Blocking Obama was a top priority for people around the U.S., and  there were quite a few contested Congressional races around our Golden Red State.

But to bottom line it, in a landslide GOP year the Democrats won every single contested seat.

In the 3rd Congressional, Dem incumbent John Garamendi beat down his GOP challenger 52.6% to 47.4%.

In the hotly contested 7th district Dem Congressman Bera pulled off a 50.2% win over former GOP Congressman Doug Ose.

In the 9th district incumbent McNerney won 52.1% to 47.9%

In the Central Valley's 16th district Dem incumbent Jim Costa is ahead by 75 votes in a tight 50% - 50% race with GOP dairy farmer Johnny Tacherra.

Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo
In the Central Coast's 24th district 76 year old Dem Lois Capps hangs on 51.6% to Chris Mitchum's 48.4%

Ventura County
The solid middle class 26th district saw incumbent Dem Julia Brownley hold on with 50.8% against GOP Assemblyman Jeff Gorell's 49.2%.

San Bernardino
In the open 31st district the Dem wins with 51.6% to 48.4%.

Palm Springs
One term incumbent Dem Raul Ruiz wins 53.8% in the 36th. An area that was solid GOP for decades.

San Diego
In San Diego's 52nd district one term Dem Scott Peters won 51.6% to the GOP Carl DeMaio's 48.4%.

The Republicans could not pull off a single win in these nine contests in a landslide GOP year with everything going for the party on issues.  Future elections will see the party continue to shrink until the People's Republic of California becomes an authoritarian one-party state.

(California - 2014)

UKIP candidate Winston McKenzie
Voters in every other democratic nation on earth have real choices
on their election day ballots.

California Needs a New Political Party

The Leftists in California already have a vehicle to represent their lust for Big Government and the Marxist re-distribution of wealth.  But what about the 57% of non-Democrats in the state.  Who will represent them?

From one end of the state to the other the Republican Party has lost the California middle class.  

The GOP "brand" is tainted and beyond repair.  The only thing non-Democrats can do is to form a new California-only based political party that is not affiliated with any national party.

Call it the "California First Party".  Why not?

The candidates of this new party must pledge to be independent of the insane pit bull dog fight that is national politics and work for pro-jobs economic growth, responsible government and social tolerance.

If the 57% of non-Democrats in California do not form a new party then they are doomed to be ruled by the Leftists.

Formerly Republican Palm Springs
The Middle Class Abandons the GOP
Middle class Congressional districts around California have abandoned the Republican Party.  Formerly GOP districts from Sacramento to Santa Barbara to Ventura to Palm Springs and San Diego rejected the GOP in the elections and sent Democrats to Washington.

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