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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Now Hiring: ISIS Needs Oil Field Manager - £140,000 Salary

Now Hiring
Good pay. Meet interesting people. Travel to exotic lands.

Unemployed? Hungry? Your house payment is due? Then ISIS has a job waiting for you.

One lucrative job is as oilfield manager, the problem is that the oil field owners are the radical jihadists of Islamic State.

The Islamists have, according to the Times, let it be known that they required an experienced and zealous manager for their seized oilfields in Iraq, once highly profitable but now suffering from a slew of fatal accidents and no worthwhile customers willing to risk the shame of dealing with the group.

It seems the old tactic of killing the families of skilled employees in order to ensure their continued company loyalty has not been working out too well.

The Times spoke to oil industry contact in Iraq who said the salary for such a post was $225,000, or £140,000, a year, to manage oil fields that could make up to £1.5m a day - but have nosedived in recent months.

“They are trying to recruit skilled professionals who are ideologically suitable,” Robin Mills from Dubai consultancy Manaar Energy told the Times.

“The money is good but it’s not that good. A western oil exec posted to Iraq right now, let alone working for Isis, would expect to earn a lot more than that.”

Officials at Iraq’s North Oil Company, which has lost one field to Isis and another to the Kurds, told the paper: “With each round of fighting, more staff drift away. Initially they [Isis] coerced staff, threatening to kill their families. Now they’re offering the carrot instead.”

Oil is the biggest money-maker for the terror group, though no state is willing, at least publicly, to purchase from the groups.

"It is difficult to get precise revenue estimates ... but we estimate that beginning in mid-June, ISIL has earned approximately $1 million a day (£625,000) from oil sales," David Cohen, the Treasury Department official who leads efforts to undermine Islamic State's finances, said last week.

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