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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Muslims Raid Beauty Pageant For Violating Sharia Law

Allah Hates Bikinis
With women covered up no wonder 
sheep start looking good.

(Daily Mail)  -  Religious police in Saudi Arabia has banned a beauty pageant in the holy city of Mecca, claiming it violates Sharia law.
The female organisers of the four-day pageant, called Miss Makkah, are now under investigation after the local vice police received several complaints.
The women had allegedly booked and paid for a banquet hall in Mecca, but authorities ordered them to cancel the pageant.
Miss Makkah had been advertised on social media and leaflets distributed locally, inviting ‘women of any colour aged between 17 and 27 years’ to take part and compete for ’valuable gifts’.
The Commission for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue, known as Haia, banned the pageant and have reported the women to the local governate, The Saudi Gazette reports.
Locals praised the actions of the Haia on the newspaper’s website.

Shocked at the news of a beauty pageant in Makkah, and the good news about the cancellation and follow up action,’ wrote Ismaeel Marikar.

’The authorities should take serious note and give the maximum punishment. Again I wish to repeat that Wealth and Women are the Fitnah [trial] for our Ummah [community]. May Allah protect us all from these Shayateen [devils] in human form.

Dr Noorul Hasan agreed, saying: ’ What a shocking news is it for all Muslims that a beauty pageant was to be held in our Prophet s city-Makkah. Such un-Islamic contests should never be held there. Those who investigated the matter and banned the contest are praiseworthy.’

Only one commentator defended Miss Makkah and its organisers: ’ What is the problem? There is no evidence that men would even be present. The article states the event was organized by and for women.

'If women wish to compete among themselves to look pretty or show off their talents and style to eachother, why is this anyone s business? Is it unislamic to look pretty now! How sad.’

Read more: Daily Mail. 

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