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Thursday, November 13, 2014

SHOCK: Church to host Muslim prayer service

Taking the Christ out of Christian

  • When you no longer believe in Christianity you think it is "cool" to invite other religions to preach in your church.
  • And Creeping Sharia in America goes on and on.

By Gary;

The brain-dead "Christians" who run Washington's National Cathedral are hosting a Muslim prayer service for the first time on Friday.

Bullshit Alert  -  Planners say they hope Friday's service at the historic cathedral will foster more "understanding and acceptance" between Christians and Muslims around the world.

Note that this event of "understanding" is a one-way street.  The Muslims will never host Christian prayer inside a mosque.

The prominent Episcopal cathedral's planners say this is the first time the cathedral has invited Muslims to lead their own prayers there, which they call a "powerful symbolic gesture.''

In a statement, Rasool says, "This is a dramatic moment in the world and in Muslim-Christian relations.''

Western nations have lost all pride in their culture, religion and history.  Western liberals and most conservatives experience guilt for even existing and import foreigners to make themselves feel better.

(NBC Washington)

The Fall of Constantinople

A nice video on "tolerant" Muslims attacking Christian Constantinople in 1453.
If you have any doubts about Muslim tolerance of other religions just stand on a street corner in Cairo, Tehran or Islamabad and try handing out Bibles.

Christian "Understanding" = Muslim Slavery
There is a reason idiot "Christians" want to be the ones host Muslim prayers. Because Christians are not welcome in Muslim mosques.  Unlike Christians, the Muslims still believe in their religion.
.Hagia Spohia (above), the church of Holy Wisdom, was built in 537AD by the Roman Emperor Justinian in Constantinople.  The greatest of all churches, it was the center of Christianity until Islamist armies broke down the city walls in 1453 and liberated Christians of their freedom and their lives.

As the fierce battle raged for control of the city, old men, women and children sought shelter in the church of St. Sophia. That was their fatal mistake as the Muslims had no consideration for age or sex.
Some of the prettiest young women were saved alive for a fate worse than death . . . to become concubines in the harem of the Sultan Mehmet II:
(Runciman, The Fall of Constantinople 1453 , p. 147).  -  "The church was still thronged. The Holy Liturgy was ended, and the service of matins was being sung. At the sound of the tumult outside the huge bronze gates of the building were closed. Inside the congregation prayed for the miracle that alone could save them. They prayed in vain.
It was not long before the doors were battered down. The worshippers were trapped. A few of the ancient and infirm were killed on the spot; but most of them were tied or chained together. Veils and scarves were torn off the women to serve as ropes. Many of the lovelier maidens and youths and many of the richer-clad nobles were almost torn to death as their captors quarrelled over them. Soon a long procession of ill-assorted little groups of men and women bound tightly together was being dragged to the soldiers' bivouacs, there to be fought over once again.
The priests went on chanting at the altar till they too were taken. But at the last moment, so the faithful believed, a few of them snatched up the holiest vessels and moved to the southern wall of the sanctuary. It opened for them and - closed behind them; and there they will remain until the sacred edifice becomes a church once more."
After enslaving the surviving Christians, in a display of interfaith "understanding" the Muslims turned the church into a mosque.

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