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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Police cockroach robots to spy on you

Police State Cockroach Robots
  • The government is always looking for new and better ways to violate the Bill of Rights.  

Researchers say they've figured out a way to create Borg, remote-controlled cockroaches, falsely claiming to a gullible press and public that the creatures could be used in "disaster zones" to gather information and look for survivors.

Pure 100% Bullshit.

These Borg creatures are being created totally for police and military use to act as spies.

Will the Feds and local police even bother to get a court warrant to spy on Americans?  More and more they are ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Video footage from the experiments at North Carolina State University shows the part-robot roaches being directed along a curving path via remote control. The researchers say they attached a lightweight chip with a wireless receiver and transmitter onto Madagascar hissing cockroaches and wired a microcontroller to the insects' antennae and cerci — the sensory organs on the bug's abdomen that cause it to run away from danger.

Fifth Element:  Remote controlled cockroach

With electrical signals, the researchers stimulated the cerci to trick the roaches into thinking they needed to scamper away from a predator. Once moving, charges sent to the antennae controlled the insects' direction. A signal sent to one antenna could make a roach think its feeler was touching a wall, sending it in the opposite direction, a statement from NC State explained.

"Building small-scale robots that can perform in such uncertain, dynamic conditions is enormously difficult. We decided to use biobotic cockroaches in place of robots, as designing robots at that scale is very challenging, and cockroaches are experts at performing in such a hostile environment," NC State researcher Alper Bozkurt said in the statement.
(Fox News.com-Science)

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