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Monday, September 17, 2012

Stupid in America

Stupid in America  -  Only 24 percent of students were considered proficient in writing and 3 percent, advanced.
  • Americans kids can't even use the spell check button.
  • And don't even ask if students were assigned any classic books to read. 
  • Bi-Partisan Big Government cannot run the schools.

The Stupidization of America  -  U.S. teenagers’ texting, tweeting and posting on Facebook hasn’t improved their writing, even when students have laptops with a spell-checking program.

Bloomberg News reports that nearly three-quarters of the eighth- and 12th graders failed to achieve proficiency on a national writing test, according to a U.S. government report released today. For the first time, the exam let students use a computer, rather than pencil and paper.

Most students’ writing “falls far short of the well-organized, well-developed prose that connects with those they are trying to reach,” Susan Pimentel, a member of the U.S. Education Department board overseeing the test, said in a statement. That performance will hurt them in college, damaging their career prospects and earnings potentials.

John Stossel  -  STUPID IN AMERICA

The new version of the test, officially called the National Assessment of Educational Progress, offered students the tools of modern writing: a laptop with a word-processing program, including spell-checking, cutting and pasting and other editing functions, as well as a thesaurus.

More than 24,000 eighth graders and 28,000 12th graders took the exam. The report cards, which measure subjects such as math, reading, science and history, are the largest nationally representative of American student learning.
(Bloomberg News)


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