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Monday, September 24, 2012

Muslims torch 82 year old Church

Insane Muslims (is there another kind?) burn an 82 year old church to the ground
  • They stoned the church, desecrated the altar, tore copies of the Bible and prayer books and later put everything on fire.
  • The "Religion of Peace" tells the world that they hate us all.

A mob of hundreds of insane Muslim men attacked and burnt an 82-year-old church and an adjoining school in northwest Pakistan during a protest against an anti-Islam film, sparking concerns among the minority Christian community.

The violent Muslim mob broke through the gate of the St Paul's Lutheran Church inside the cantonment in Mardan city, 48 km from the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa capital of Peshawar, on Friday while returning from a rally against the film Innocence Of Muslims.

According to reports from Christians in Mardan, the mob attacked and set on fire the church, St Paul's high school, a library, a computer laboratory and houses of four clergymen, including Bishop Peter Majeed.

Christians in Pakistan

The mob also damaged and torched moveable property, including a car and three motorcycles. Zeeshan Chand, the 17-year-old son of a pastor, was beaten by the Muslim mob and had to be hospitalised in Mardan.

Rev Binyameen Barkat, the treasurer of the Northern Diocese of the Church of Pakistan, said, "We were under threats of such attacks since last week and had requested the local administration to provide security to the church property, which they did. However, it was not enough to stop the aggressive armed men".

"We will burn their churches"  -  Indonesian Christians under attack
Violent attacks against Christians in Indonesia have forced the closure of 20 churches.

Christian leaders said the Muslims who attacked the church had brought kerosene and guns. They stoned the church, desecrated the altar, tore copies of the Bible and prayer books and later put everything on fire.

"We immediately called the fire brigades, but the mob stoned and did not allow the fire fighters to enter the church compound," Barkat said.

The St Paul's Lutheran Church was built in 1930 and is situated on three kanals of land. Mardan, the hometown of provincial Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti, has some 5,000 Christian families that moved to the region in 1903.
(The Asian Age)

The "Religion of Peace" attacks those who believe in God.
Pakistani Christian women comfort each other while standing outside a burned church in Mardan. Demonstrators burned the Sarhadi Lutheran Church in the city of Mardan - AP

You know, they are asking for it.

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