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Monday, September 3, 2012

US suspends training of Afghan troops

Training is suspended for Afghan troops because they
are killing their own trainers.

It is eleven years and counting in Afghanistan and we are still "training" our allies
  • Let's see, how long does boot camp take?????
  • Now we have suspended that "training" because our allies kill their own trainers.

By Gary:

How many incompetent generals did Abraham Lincoln have to fire before he found US Grant?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Why do people think that just because a man wears a uniform with lots of stars on it that he knows what the fuck he is doing?  Any student of military history knows the truth that generals are average at best.  The George Pattons and Winfield Scotts of the world are few and far between.

The planning and conduct of the Afghan War was bungled from the start.

Now the U.S. military has halted the training of Afghan government-backed militias for at least a month to revamp the system of vetting of new recruits for ties to insurgents after a string of attacks by Afghan soldiers and police on their international allies, officials said.

The Patriot: Militia ambushes of the British
Americans forget our own guerrilla war heritage.  A small number of determined Patriots can devastate a slow, more heavily armed conventional force.  In Afghanistan the NATO troops are the slow, conventional targets.

There have been 34 insider attacks this year that have killed 45 international troops, throwing doubt on the ability of Afghan and coalition forces to live and work together during a key time in the transition to Afghan control of security. One of the pillars of the international troop drawdown is for allied forces to hand over responsibility for the country’s security to Afghans by the end of 2014.

Lt. Col. John Harrell, a spokesman for U.S. special operations forces in Afghanistan, said the pause in training affects about 1,000 trainees of the Afghan Local Police (ALP), a militia backed by the government in Kabul.

“The training of the ALP recruits has been paused while we go through this re-vetting process, to take a look at this process to see if there’s anything that we can improve,” Harrell said. “It may take a month, it may take two months, we don’t know.”
(Hurriyet Daily News)

The Peasants are Revolting.
The American army was made up of poorly trained militia. It was a disorganized fighting force, but its disorganization was also its strength.  Most of the time the more formal British army could not  corner their enemy.  The Americans would simply fade away to reform for another battle later.
The uneducated "generals" in NATO and Washington appear to have never read military history.  Even the most casual historian can see the power of guerrilla militias in the American Revolution, the Mexican fight against the French Empire, Geronimo in the American Southwest, the war for independence in Algeria, in Vietnam and in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
"Ah! the Generals! they are numerous, but not good for much!"
Aristophanes   (425 BC)

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