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Friday, September 7, 2012

Allen West is Dead Even in the Polls

Congressman Allen West with the Constitution.

Constitutional Federalist Allen West needs our help
  • West is dead even in the polls.
  • The Florida GOP went out of their way to fuck over Allen West and destroy his old district.
  • So far West has raised $10 million, but he is a major target of the Socialist Democrats and West is hated by the Socialist GOP Establishment.
  • Democrats fear a patriotic Black man who wants to obey the Constitution.

A new poll shows Rep. Allen West (Constitutional Federalist - Florida) is statistically tied with Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy.

Murphy actually has a narrow edge in the poll released Thursday by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. A survey of 400 likely general election voters in Florida's 18th Congressional district found that 47 percent would vote for Murphy if the election were held today versus 46 percent voting for West, with 7 percent undecided. The poll, conducted by Grove Insight, surveyed voters between Aug. 21 and Aug. 24.

Murphy's slight lead, however, is statistically insignificant given that the poll's margin of error is 4.9 percentage points and he only leads West by 1 point reports the Huffington Post.

Allen West ad attacking Godless Democrats (is there another kind?)

Editor's note:  I wake up this morning only to see that the original video was "removed" at youtube.  Gee, I wonder how on earth that could happen?  I had to search out another version to place on this blog.  Enjoy.

Real Differences  -  Allen West

the poll's findings bode well for Murphy, who is still relatively unknown in the district and is nowhere near matching West's war chest. The Tea Party-backed Republican raised $2.3 million for the quarter ending in June, compared to Murphy's $507,000.

The poll also shows that little has changed among the district's voters over the past few months: a May poll showed West and Murphy tied at 45 percent.

West campaign spokesman Tim Edson dismissed the poll -- and The Huffington Post -- as anything to take seriously.

"If a left-wing blog like the Huffington Post is reporting it and the source is the DCCC, there is no doubt it’s a meaningless, contrived poll. I can’t blame you guys though--with Patrick Murphy melting down behind his father’s racist attack ads and refusals to debate, you have to try something to make him look credible," Edson said in a statement.
Donate to Allen West for Congress.

The Florida GOP told West to go Screw Himself.
The Big Government GOP Establishment went out of their way to fuck Allen West.  In redistricting rather than protecting a Republican incumbent, the GOP controlled legislature put more Democrats into West's old district in an attempt to silence this brave Constitutional Federalist.

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