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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Coming Collapse of America

We can bail everybody out or pretend we can print our way out of a crisis with phony Monopoly money
  • We will have unemployment, runaway inflation, or hyper-inflation.

The world America looked at in 1946 was an unnatural one.  All of the great economic and industrial powers on earth had been leveled in World War II.  Our competitors in business no longer even existed allowing the US standard of living to greatly increase.

As Europe and Asia began to recover and compete back at us, the US increasingly resorted to more and more personal, business and government debt to keep the standard of living party going.

The "lifestyle" of Americans, that feeling of wealth, was kept afloat by a sea of debt.

Like any good Ponzi scheme the marry-go-round has to stop at some point.  The debt party has to shut down and the bill for the fun is handed to someone.

2012 Economic Collapse!  -  Peter Schiff

According to CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff, the U.S. economy is heading for an economic crash that will make 2008 look like a walk in the park. Stimulus programs can delay this day of reckoning, but only for so long and only at the expense of making the eventual meltdown much, much worse.

Schiff, who famously warned investors about the housing and financial crisis in his 2007 book Crash Proof, says the Fed's palliative efforts during the housing meltdown have made the next crisis inevitable.

"We've got a much bigger collapse coming, and not just of the markets but of the economy," Schiff says in the attached clip. "It's like what you're seeing in Europe right now, only worse."

In this nightmare scenario detailed in The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankruptcy, the current economic pause is actually the beginning of a material slowdown or recession into year end. At that point, the Federal Reserve will unleash a third round of Quantitative Easing — weakening the dollar without jump-starting the economy. As a result of dollar weakness, import prices rise, pressing the margins of corporate America.

Lower margins lead to heavy layoffs, sending millions of workers into unemployment during a time when they can least afford it. Banks fail, housing collapses, and taxes are raised in a futile effort to give the tapped-out government the capital to try yet more futile stimulus.

"That's when it really is going to get interesting, because that's when we hit our real fiscal cliff, when we're going to have to slash — and I mean slash — government spending," says Schiff.

Those cuts will not be at all unlike the draconian austerity measures in Greece, with programs like Social Security and Medicare being dramatically cut or possibly disappearing entirely. The easiest way to put it, is that everything you don't think could possibly happen in America will come to be.

"Alternatively, we can bail everybody out, pretend we can print our way out of a crisis, and, instead, we have runaway inflation, or hyper-inflation, which is going to be far worse than the collapse we would have if we did the right thing and just let everything implode," he offers.

In 1944 a silver dime would buy you one gallon of gasoline.
The price of gasoline has NOT INCREASED.  The silver metal in that 1944 dime will still buy you that one gallon of gasoline.  What has changed is there is no longer silver in dimes and the endless printing of phony government Monopoly money to pay for all the "free" shit that voters demand and the politicians provide to buy those votes.

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